How We Roll: the Honorism™ Guide to Life & Business

Consistently exceeding expectations requires a common sense of purpose. At HonorBuilt, we’re led by a set of ideals that inform every aspect of our work. These Honorisms set the standard for how we operate every day, for every client, on every job.

With HonorBuilt it’s not just about getting the job done. It’s about getting it done right. It’s the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a complex web of systems work seamlessly for a customer. It’s the pride that comes with knowing your customers trust you to find a solution to their problem.

When we can step back, put our hands on our hips, smile, and nod at our work, then the job is done.

Whether we’re coordinating complex systems, meeting razor-thin deadlines, or handling NROs coast to coast, we commit to delivering, every time. Ultimately, we go to any length we need to satisfy our customers so they can satisfy their customers.

The work we do is too critical to take shortcuts. It takes meticulous planning, precise execution, and superior support to exceed expectations. Our goal is for every customer to have an “above and beyond” experience.

When someone visits a restaurant, they’re taking a much-needed break from their busy day, catching up with a loved one, or having their favorite bite to eat. Inventory, POS, timekeeping, and online ordering systems keep things humming so they leave with smiles on their faces.

Backend systems don’t just stand alone; they’re important pieces of a symphony that makes for impeccable dining experiences. When we help open a new restaurant, solve a tricky support call, or upgrade a system, we’re contributing to something bigger. So, let’s build something great.

We live in a world obsessed with speed, and it’s tempting to race ahead on a project without careful consideration on the front end. But nothing’s more efficient than accuracy.

Everything we do at HonorBuilt starts with meticulous planning. Whether we’re staging equipment before installation or rolling out new equipment in a restaurant, we take the time to get the job done right the first time, every time.

We do what we do because we love it. We love to hear a customer’s sigh of relief when we’ve solved a tech support problem. We love to see the smile on a franchisee’s face when they’re ready to open their doors. We love to reward our teammates for a job well done.

At HonorBuilt, every action we take starts and ends with love.

Boosting the bottom line isn’t nearly as important as the reputation we build. Our goal with every NRO, support call, or installation is to make the customer feel like they have a trusted partner who’s with them until the job is complete.

Doing the right thing is good for business.

We’ve seen thousands of NROs, system-wide upgrades, remodels, and support calls, but we still get surprised sometimes. And when we do, we rise to the challenge.

Implementing a POS system that’s new on the market? Addressing a technical issue that we’ve never encountered before? At HonorBuilt, we don’t shy away from new challenges. We seek them out.

We use some incredible tools and techniques in our line of work, but our people are our greatest asset. When we invest in their growth and personal development, our customers benefit.

We keep our customers ahead of the curve by staying one step ahead ourselves.

By building trust through open and honest communication, HonorBuilt employees forge lasting bonds with our customers. Challenges are inevitable, but our relationships are the foundation that enables us to overcome them. We anticipate our customers’ needs and see every problem through to resolution. And that’s how we deliver results above and beyond customer expectations.

We’re proud of our numbers – we’ve handled thousands of NROs, remodels, and support calls. But it’s the commitment to excellence that stands out for our customers.

The quality of our work – from impeccable cabling to seamlessly integrated systems – is what keeps our customers’ restaurants humming. And that’s bigger than any number can quantify.

At HonorBuilt, every interaction, whether it be with customers, partners, or fellow employees, is built on a foundation of love and respect.

Open, honest communication enables us to build strong customer relationships. And compassion and courtesy help us guide them through sometimes frustrating situations.

Every project or support call we work on comes with its own set of protocols. But the secret ingredient is always attitude.

At HonorBuilt, we take “can-do” to new heights. No matter how tricky the challenge or how tight the deadline, we rise to the challenge because we know we can.

HonorBuilt recognizes that we are all entitled to dignity and the opportunity to lead happy, prosperous lives. Whether we’re helping a franchisee launch a new location or humbly serving in our own churches, non-profits, and youth programs, everything we do is with respect and love for our fellow man.

At HonorBuilt, nothing we do is in a silo. That’s why we actively encourage and support our customers and partners. If we can help them tackle a big job or solve a complex technical issue, it makes our day.

When our customers and partners succeed, we all reap the benefits.

The businesses we serve may not be our own, but we respect the blood, sweat, and tears that went into launching and operating them. We treat each project like it was for our own business, because that’s what it takes to exceed customer expectations.

We don’t say it’s not our job. We don’t wait for something to go wrong when we could have been proactive. We don’t walk away without dotting every “I” and crossing every “T.” We are proud to be a part of what our customers have built.

At HonorBuilt, we’re grateful for the opportunities we get every day. We appreciate the opportunities to work, to serve, to make new friends, to learn new skills, to fulfill our God-given potential, and to live in a free country to name but a few.

We’re even grateful for the obstacles that come our way. Without them, we wouldn’t grow as quickly.

Clearly defined mission? Check. Thorough planning and training? Check. Equipment staged and ready? Check. We’re ready to go then with every expectation of success.

Preparation is supercharged by optimism. That’s what propels us to go the extra mile for our customers.

Let’s face it. Opening a new restaurant or dealing with a technical issue is stressful. When you’re under tight deadlines and in high-pressure situations, some “pleases,” “thank-yous,” and the occasional “my pleasure” never hurts.

The great brands in hospitality were all built on a foundation of courtesy and manners, so we make sure to do our part to support that in your brand.

Customers rely on quick service and fast casual restaurants for speedy, uncomplicated service. To meet their expectations, the technology has to work like clockwork.

Whether we’re assisting with a technical issue or giving a customer our word on an installation timeframe, when we say “we’ll be there,” we will. We’re designed to deliver.

A wise sage said, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” That resonates at HonorBuilt. We enjoy serving, building, and even playing with our colleagues, partners and customers.

We love what we do and think work is a privilege. Thanks for playing is our way of reminding ourselves of both thoughts.

Every restaurant opening, equipment installation, or support call is different. We don’t have a blueprint for every question our customers ask.

At HonorBuilt, we think on our toes to find a solution that ends in our customer’s peace of mind and satisfaction. We see the finish line, and we find the path there. No matter what it takes.

We grow by listening to others. At HonorBuilt, every customer, partner, and employee offers us an opportunity to develop professionally and personally.

The more experiences we have, the more we learn that there’s more to learn. And we look forward to each new opportunity.

Restaurant technology systems, support, and cabling aren’t exactly as exciting as new menu items. But they make business possible every day for our customers.

We do our work better, faster, and more competently than anyone else so our customers can focus on operations. And if you ask them, they’ll tell you our speed, dedication, and level of support make a difference for them.