Field Rollout Services

Minimal Disruption with our Field Rollout Services Team

Every technology rollout should scale quickly with the least amount of disruption to operations. Our experienced group of trainers, installers, project managers, and field supervisors work on your timeframe and schedule, with minimal interruption to your operations, customer experience, and revenue stream.


“Practice makes perfect.” Unlike other providers, a rollout in a new city doesn’t mean a new contractor, new learning and new people. Repetition creates dramatic value and efficiency. By mobilizing traveling teams dedicated to your project for the duration, you receive consistent, meticulous support, giving you the scale and speed you need to grow. On spec. On budget. Every time.


Your technology rollout or installation will be implemented by a consistent, experienced field support team. They are deployed nationwide and assisted by internal project, staging and travel departments whose focus is on minimizing costs, accommodating your demanding schedule, all while adapting to weather, scope changes and unforeseen site issues.


Your strategy comes first. Because we work with most major hardware and software vendors, we help you make and implement decisions based on what’s best for your business, not a reseller sales quota. Whichever technology best supports your needs, we have an A-team to execute.


Flash news! Existing restaurants may not all be standardized. That makes discovery visits and pilots even more important. With discovery visits, our team and yours can prepare for what’s to come well in advance. With pilots, we will practice and document processes to anticipate various scenarios and train your team, rather than losing time during rollout due to unexpected surprises and a learning curve. It’s just part of the HonorBuilt difference.

A technician provides legacy system updates on a computer in order to provide better restaurant security management.

Legacy System Updates

Sometimes you need the latest and greatest

Helping you adapt and grow

We don’t need to tell you how quickly the restaurant industry is changing. You’re living it. To varying degrees and speeds, all our customers are adapting to online ordering, delivery, cloud-based restaurant POS, IoT, automation, compliance, wireless, upgrading connectivity and more. No matter how long your list is—we have probably already implemented it at scale and can bring you up to speed quickly. Training on the new technology can also be an issue, and we can help there too. Bottom line: we’ll help you plan the best path to accomplish your priority list and help you get it done.

Asset Updates

Sometimes you need to get the most from what you have

Helping you maintain your investments

A proactive asset management plan can create a lot of value for your brand. It takes planning and effort to maintain what you have. There are software upgrades, OS upgrades, PCI compliance issues, hardware or software that’s no longer supported, and more. Sometimes a hot-spare or advanced exchange problem will help. We can do all of this. Your dedicated consultant will proactively review your assets, help you budget for capital improvements, and then make it happen. We drive it like we own it.

Our insights are time-tested. Our proactivity sets us apart.


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