New Restaurant Openings

Rapid Scale for New Restaurant Openings Across the Nation

Helping restaurants navigate change, scale, and accomplish key priorities with speed and confidence takes focus and experience. As an integral part in opening more than 300 restaurants just this year, HonorBuilt brings leading experience to the job that’s laser-focused on your needs. Unlike other providers, we only serve fast casual and quick service brands.

This is How We Get There

Your goal is the on-time opening of a high-performing restaurant. We know exactly what it takes to get there.

Dedicated project manager

Every brand is different, and to be successful we invest the time to understand your unique mix. You’ll get a dedicated project manager to work with you through the hundreds of items that need to be completed: order and inventory hardware and software, pull permits, schedule third-party vendors, review wiring diagrams, survey stakeholders, and so much more. We strive for long-term relationships and a consistent PM who knows your brand and is seen as a successful extension of your staff.

Staging and kitting

“Measure twice and cut once.” HonorBuilt’s staging and testing goes above and beyond typical. It provides turnkey reliability. We set up all equipment, configure, test, integrate and repackage it so it arrives at your restaurant fully operational. Fewer out of box failures, lost equipment and faster installation are just some of the benefits of a unique preflight process honed by more than 1500 successful NROs.

Meticulous technicians

Our installers are one of a kind. Each full-time technician brings years of experience, dedication, and focus to your opening. They only work on NROs. To ensure milestones are met, HonorBuilt provides them with remote technical and logistical support to assist with any unexpected issues—ensuring an on-time, on-spec and on-budget hand off.

Uncommon practices

In our industry, it’s uncommon for a company to coordinate other vendors on your behalf, to offer support staff training, to order and stage hardware, work extra hours on short notice, clean up thoroughly, or check in after opening. For our team, those uncommon moments are common practices—practices our customers have come to trust and a service we are proud to provide.

Blue and yellow restaurant POS wiring and installation for a new restaurant opening.

Wiring and Cabling Installations

Fast and Efficient

So many customers asked us to apply our quality to structured wirings that we launched the new service a few years ago. We’re licensed in almost every state now, with customers nationwide realizing savings associated with fewer errors and visits. What’s the HonorBuilt difference in wiring? First, we know as well as anyone what your restaurant needs since we’re installing the equipment later. Using that knowledge, we review existing wiring plans or create new accurate ones. Next, every pull is certified so there’s no question that the job is complete. Lastly, your dedicated PM coordinates closely with development and construction to make sure deadlines are met. That’s why so many customers are specifying HonorBuilt wiring in their NROs.

Contact Us

Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to assist. The HonorBuilt team is known for going the extra mile. We’ve done it for others time and time again. What can we help you achieve?