Andrew Stith - Chief Executive Officer


Andrew Stith

“There is no shortcut for the extra mile”

As CEO, Andrew is charged to see HonorBuilt through a significant upswing and no one is better suited. With a “hint of perfectionism,” Andrew brings equal parts of compassion and high expectations to his work and is dedicated to fostering a rich and healthy company culture as he recruits some of the best and brightest in the industry. As a strategist and leader of teams, he firmly believes that relationships determine results. Andrew learned early on to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and embraced the mantra, stretch and fear not, at a high school job in fast casual restaurant. Later, that value extended into his career running mergers and acquisitions for large national organizations, leading two national sales teams to record results, completing an IPO, launching a start-up, and guiding two successful turnarounds of technology services companies—no small feat. He volunteers, and enjoys boating, hiking, and snow skiing. Andrew earned a BBA in finance at the University of Georgia where he was a Foundation Fellow, and his MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

Danny Smith - Chief Operating Officer


Danny Smith

“If you want to be a great leader, be a great servant”

As COO, Danny leads HonorBuilt’s field services, project management, and warehouse logistics teams. Danny helps quick service restaurants implement a technology footprint and field operation that can drive value. It’s not a one-person job; Danny believes it takes a great team, each person using his or her best skill to achieve the end goal. A self-described “stickler for timeliness and preparation,” Danny is known as someone customers and co-workers can always count on. His personal quest to do better is contagious, and he adds humor at just the right moment to make a tough job easier. Danny earned a BS in Human Factors Engineering from the US Air Force Academy and an MBA from Touro University. In 2019, he earned a Professional Certificate in Strategic Management from Harvard Extension School. He serves as a Deacon in his church and has also served in the Air Force as a pilot. Danny holds the honor of being selected to serve on Air Force One and on Senator Isakson’s Military Academy Board for several years.

Alan Dean - Chief Service Officer


Alan Dean

“Make it happen—no matter what”

HonorBuilt’s world-class technology support teams are designed and recruited by Alan Dean, our Chief Service Officer. Alan leads by example in both technical areas and customer service. His own list of technology certifications is lengthy and impressive and he encourages his team to aspire and continuously learn in an ever-evolving field. An already sizeable and impressive operation, Alan is responsible for managing a 24/7 effort where the frontline customer turns hero with a fast, clear resolution. His mantra? Make it happen–no matter what and if that means sending someone to the location to remediate, he gets them there. Raised in the United Kingdom, Alan has worked in the U.S. for more than 20 years managing IT networks, telephone and ticketing systems—most notably growing the support team of a leading managed services provider on a fast track. If you’re nearby his desk, he may point out a toy chameleon that changes color based on its environment—adaptability to any situation is really what customer service is all about.

Stewart Austin - Vice President of Sales


Stewart Austin

“Listen to clients, and aim to exceed their expectations.”

As Vice President of Sales, Stewart is responsible for leading HonorBuilt’s nationwide sales effort—“I will scale awareness of why we are the ideal partner with drive and focus,” he says. Stewart came to HonorBuilt with nearly two decades in the tech industry—most recently with Tangoe, a global SaaS and managed services company providing telecom expense, managed mobility, and cloud expense solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. Over that time, Stewart developed a business philosophy that he’s brought to HonorBuilt: that “the best clients truly are partners”—that the heart of his role is to seek out and develop relationships at every level, to see the possibilities beyond initial impressions, and to turn them into partnerships that can lead to success for everyone involved. As HonorBuilt’s top evangelist, that means putting those years of experience to work for our clients, finding innovative ways to help them provide better service to their customers. When not on the job, Stewart enjoys playing tennis on sunny days and playing the guitar on rainy ones, as well as spending time with his wife and children. He earned his BA in business administration from Furman University.

Jennifer Rawley - Vice President of Professional Development


Jennifer Rawley

Jennifer joined HonorBuilt in early 2022, bringing with her almost 20 years of leadership experience, primarily in healthcare. She grew up in the hospitality industry, helping her parents in their many entrepreneurial endeavors in hotels and restaurants. She later went on to earn a Doctorate in Pharmacy at Mercer University and worked as a hospital clinical pharmacist and director of pharmacy. While she loved working with patients and other members of the care team, she found that leading others was her true passion. After earning an MBA, she took on roles focused on company strategy,  innovation and people development. In 2019, she left her role as a specialty hospital CEO to pursue her own entrepreneurial endeavors and successfully grew two e-commerce businesses before she connected with HonorBuilt.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, playing piano, serving in her church and binge-watching movies with her kids. She and her husband, Adam, live near Atlanta with their three children and two dachshunds. Her bucket-list-goal is to have a dachshund farm near the mountains where she can raise and rescue wiener dogs.

Jennifer believes exposure to an abundance of information and ideas from unique perspectives adds harmony to her ability to lead and guide others. She maintains multiple professional credentials and is heavily involved in volunteering, mentoring, coaching and service activities outside of work.