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HonorBuilt Experience

What Sets us Apart

We help build restaurants that build brands. Our years of deployment experience with some of the nation’s fastest growing QSR and fast casual restaurants gives us a proven track record and our dedication speak volumes: We’re committed to getting the job done right the first time, every time, no matter what.



Overnight installations x 2,000: Meeting the standards of a QSR leader

With more than 2,000 restaurants, Chick-fil-A is among the top-growing QSRs in the country. To keep pace with its booming business, they needed to upgrade their network architecture in every location. A leader in customer service satisfaction, Chick-fil-A sought a similarly minded installation partner who could meet its communication standards, complete the installation overnight, preconfigure the switches, and handle significant logistics requirements.

HonorBuilt trained and deployed a team of installers supported by dedicated project managers, overnight technical support, and staging team to meet the goal of completely upgrading the chain’s 2,200 restaurants in just over a year—with no downtime. We ensured there was built-in alignment with follow-on phases of the company’s IT strategy. As a result, the company achieved a more robust, redundant, and manageable network while maintaining its rapid pace of IT projects, many of which depended on this upgrade.


Hopdoddy Burger Bar

A new restaurant opening playbook
More burgers served, with less burden for IT.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar needed a deployment partner that could ensure its new restaurant opening (NRO) would be completed without issue. The company chose HonorBuilt to manage vendors, train them on relevant processes and technologies, and resolve multi-vendor issues quickly. HonorBuilt sent trainers to document every aspect of a Hopdoddy NRO, detailing each task, configuration, and installation. With HonorBuilt’s guidance, the restaurant opened on time, on budget—and with a reduced workload on internal IT. And to help Hopdoddy scale efficiently going forward, HonorBuilt provided the company with its own installation playbook—a guide for opening new restaurants according plan, on budget and regardless of location.




Auntie Anne’s

Moving restaurant POS to the cloud across the nation in just 18 weeks

Focus Brands faced the daunting upgrade challenge of moving its entire brand from a legacy POS that could no longer support the its franchisees’ business requirements to a cloud-based POS. The company needed a partner up to the task of replacing every POS device in its 1,008 Auntie Anne’s Pretzel locations nationwide. Focus Brands trusted HonorBuilt to get up to speed quickly on the company’s new solution. The HonorBuilt team’s extensive technology and installation experience and background collaborating with franchisees in mall settings helped to streamline processes. True to form, HonorBuilt’s team of 12 installers and dedicated project managers completed the project in just 18 weeks across all Auntie Anne’s locations, delivering new efficiencies of the cloud.


Client 4

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